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Friday, February 18, 2011

pity her...

Now : 6.05 in the morning 
My oh my....this third balqis of mine was down with fever..... :((((((
Plus with mild coughing.....oh, i just cant shut my eyes when it comes with this kind of scenario .....biaq la mommy xtiduq asaikan anak - anak mommy cepat sihat......hopefully you recover soon anak!!!!Mommy will do anything as long as we can see u're on ur feet again!!!! AMIN!!!!

p/s: Bila tak tiduq ni kenapa perut mesti nak 'kriok3x' cari makanan!!!! So i ended up with a big glass of fresh milk , mexican bun & leftover moist choc cake from the fridge!!!iskkkk...iskk..soooo sinfullllllll!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Lady Lavender said...

get well soon raisha..sian mommy dia..Tapi memang betul kann..kalau anak2 sakit kalo boleh tukar dgn kita pun sanggup.
p7s: makan manyak sekali sekala tak pe..just enjoy the foods :-)